PI-meeting in Biochemistry , Biophysics and Molecular Biology

On the 28th – 29th of November 2022 there will be a PI-meeting in Stockholm.

This 2-day meeting loaded with research presentations and symposia, will only being open for PI’s who head research groups in Sweden within the fields of molecular biosciences, no other meeting can provide the same high-level possibilities for networking, opening your scientific horizons and providing new possibilities for collaborations and funding initiatives.

Gällöfsta Konferens & Herrgård

The meeting is held at a Gällöfsta, close to Stockholm from the morning of Nov 28 until the evening of Nov 29, with possibility of check-in on the evening before the start of the meeting and check-out on the day after the meeting.

All submitted abstracts will be collated into an abstract book that will be distributed to all participants. The ambition is that all participating PI’s will get the opportunity to present themselves, their research groups, and their fields of study. With many participant registrations however, selection of talks may be necessary, which will then be made at the discretion of the organizing committee.

For more information, see here.